our story

The Vena family has been growing grapes and making wine for generations. Our story goes back to Calabria, Italy, where Sam Vena's father, Francesco, grew grapes and made wine, as did his father before him. This tradition of grape growing and winemaking has given us a deep appreciation for the land, the rhythms of the seasons and the optimal conditions for growing grapes. This led us to purchase our vineyard in Knights Valley, Sonoma County, California in 1994 in order to grow the highest quality wine grapes. The unique climate and soils of Knights Valley provide the ideal growing environment for Bordeaux varietals such as Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. As a point of pride and heritage, our family's goal is to create wines that are simply the finest expression of the superb fruit grown in our vineyards.

Wine has always been a connecting force in our lives. To us, our relationships with family and friends are what really matters. Sharing a glass of wine and a meal is the best way to enhance and deepen those connections.

"For me, winemaking is sort of an elemental process of taking the results of your labor and dedication to the land and transforming it, with your hands, into something that brings pleasure and enjoyment to those you care about." - Greg Vena